Here at Raven we encourage feedback. Now we also know that coffee is very personal and sometimes you may not like a particular flavour. However, if there is genuinely a reason for it not being very good then ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I have the right dose?

Again, it can be very specific to you how bold or light you would like it to be, adjust the amount you use to suit your tastes.

2) Do I have the right grind?

Are you using fine grind for Turkish, espresso, Mokka pots or reusable pods.

medium grind for filter / pour over.

Coarse for French press.

Check your grinder settings if you have one. If not, please check the coffee to ensure that we have delivered the correct one. if not, please check you order and if we have made a mistake please email us ravencoffeeroasters@gmail.com and we'll deliver the correct one as soon as possible.

3) Is my machine clean and working as it should?

keeping your machine clean will ensure great coffee each time, please check your manufacturers recommendations on cleaning. You tube is also a great source for information.

4) Can I buy wholesale?

Please email us to discuss your needs ravencoffeeroasters@gmail.com 

5) My coffee tastes stale / off.

Has the coffee bag been left open for days without it being sealed up. Coffee will dry up, go stale and also take on flavours from it's surroundings if left open to the elements. Please also check the "Drink me by" date on the bag. Store me at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat. If it's a fresh bag, please let us know and we'll investigate.

6) Do you ship to the UK?

We do indeed but because you're ordering from Jersey, the postage has to be paid for. We cannot currently offer free postage, sorry. Postage is calculated at checkout.